Womb of light by ramon4

à dix heures le 10 Novembre 1891
le poète Jean Arthur Rimbaud
rencontra la FIN de son
adventure Terrestre

devotions. to Arthur Rimbaud. he was young. he was so damn young. he was so god damned. Drunk with the Blood of Baby dolls. Mad laughter. power. running neck and neck with his vision was his demon. Sooner Stick his dick up the baby dolls ass. Shove pins in the heads of innocents. Bad seed with a golden spleen. Ha Ha. he has the last laugh. Blonde Hairs raveling in your vital breath. White hydrogen. Rimbaud. Savior of the forgotten scientists: the alchemists. alchemy. of The. The Word. The power of The Word. Love Rays. bullets on the alter. obscene ceremonies. leave no proof clues. gold. behind. Rimbaud blessé Rimbaud wounded Rimbaud: angel with sleeves of blue hair. [NO] light without shadow. Rimbaud was a rolling stone are all prophets persecuted? He was so damn young.
Patti Smith

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Thunderstorm over Barcelona by carlos_santero

Thunderstorm over Barcelona.
Yesterday at evening was a lucky day as I stand over La Palma de Cervello near Barcelona and tried my new trigger (Miops Nerotrigger) during a Thunderstorm. Here is the result! Not bad for the first try! Thanks to nature for the great lightshow yesterday!

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