Bump in the Night by RogerHill

Amazing night time strong tornado and thunderstorm near Groom, Texas on November 16th. One of the prettiest, and scariest scenes one would want to encounter! For me, I live for this! I had to shoot this wide (I was VERY close for awhile) to capture the entire scene. A longer (20 second) exposure was needed to capture the lightning bolt illuminating the tornado). From the starry skies, to the thunderstorm and obvious tornado going over a wind turbine farm, this is one of my favorites!

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Blinded by the Light by RogerHill

Incredible lightning strike with a tornado warned storm in northwestern Kansas this past June. The storm was gorgeous to look at and photograph! It went on for several hours as it churned across the Kansas prairies.

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Bolted by BradHannon

As sunset colour illuminated this tornadic supercell, lightning bolts started fires and smoke was drawn back into the storm updraft. Near Guymon, Oklahoma on May 31st 2007.

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Straight but twisted by BradHannon

One of our earliest views of the storm as we approached from the north. This supercell near Julesburg, Colorado on May 28th 2013 was simply jaw-dropping.

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Dusk Danger by RogerHill

Incredible supercell thunderstorm at dusk on June 21st this year. This South Dakota storm produced 6 confirmed tornadoes prior to this shot (Of which I have photos of them all)! The lightning and structure of the storm were top notch!

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The Devil In The Details – Monument Valley Tornado by AaronReedPhotography

The Devil Is In The Details – Monument Valley, Utah.

After shooting all morning in Monument Valley, Utah I was having dinner inside “The View” when there was quite a bit of excitement after someone yelled Tornado! and everyone ran to the glass to take a look. It lasted about 2 minutes and I grabbed this image hand held with my 200mm from my table. I had never seen a tornado before and capturing one at Monument Valley is pretty cool I think.

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