Headlights on the Roll by aagazzi

Two cars driving over a pass in Switzerland during winter, where snow has like at many other places in the alps not fallen in high quantities yet. I tried to achieve some light trails of cars and liked this one best with white headlights only. The goal was capturing a scene where no interruption is shown in the trails, thus exposure time should be as long as the cars needed from one end of the frame to the other. Hope you like it 🙂

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The Bridge by eyeofalens

The Bridge

The Bridge
Thought it was appropriate to share this image just now, in lieu of the plight of many desperate to start a new life without the terror they leave behind.
Many have come across this bridge in recent times.

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Static future by carasionut


Photo manipulation based on my own stock photography.

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Star Trails at the Castle. by jeffsphotoart

Star Trails at Castle Glen.
Luckily there is software that stacks all those photos to create the trails. Best seen in light box on black.
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Madrid A1 by demiguel

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