Wintersonne in Berlin by berliner1017

Aufgenommen vom Bahnhof Eberswalderstraße.
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Aspired to loneliness together by osvaldomirante

From my dwelling place to this remote train-station, I had in mind a kind of mixture of reflections in perspective, such as thoughts, dreams, wishes and clear headedness.

Why am I feeling happy while far away from home and at the same time my belly tells me that I miss her? I should really plan to call him so that to discuss my dreams with? Wow cute ! He why did he look at me so desperately? And if she would be here, would that be the same moment? Ah ja Osvaldo, I know which train to take… ahhh 15 minutes to wait… Easy … wow… so hot I should buy water as fast as possible… Pascal… that was his name right! Ohhhhh that’s interesting, gonna take my camera out now.. which objective? Hmmm I keep the 17-50mm.

Click, click, clicking…

Walk, walk, walking…

Rusted, red, as blood, old as war…. twisted to …. Aspired to… Loneliness.


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