Here come the train. by FacechooYong

Today, we are at about 4000 meter above sea level. In front of us is
Qinghai-Tibet railway at foot of Kunlun Mountain range in Tibet. Favorite place for
shepherds to bring their herds there.”Here come the train; don’t miss it!”
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The Young Travelers – Joined for the Journey by IrfanZaidi

A Sequel to our award winning ‘The Young Traveler’ series.
Steam of the train is lit by the golden sunset light in the center in this one.
The young traveler is back and now with a companion for the journey. If you like this image please also check out the ‘The Young Traveler’ series images.
Please press M to view in optimal quality. As always all natural available light, no reflectors, using real lighting conditions.
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other-transporter by ZacharyV

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preventive maintenance by fredmatos

“For the overwhelming majority of the population, the extent and manner of satisfaction are determined by your own work; but it is a job for a gear that it does not control, which functions as an independent power that individuals have to undergo if they want to live.”

Eros and Civilization – Herbert Marcuse

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HARBOR WORK by SaWagner1

Containership in the port of Hamburg at work
Containerschiff im Hamburger Hafen bei der Arbeit

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