Moon Fury – Patagonia, Argentina by DaveMorrow

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*About the Shot*
The 96% Moon lights the entire landscape just downstream from the looming Fitz Roy Massif.

During a trip here in March of 2015 I was able to capture this scene while standing knee deep in the freezing cold waters of this stream which are fed by glaciers less than 2 miles West of where I stood.

Just hours before one of the best sunsets I’ve ever seen covered this landscape with a pink and orange glow. The sky, filled with lenticular clouds, was so saturated during sunset that it’s nearly impossible to edit the photos… I’m working on it tho!

Look closely at this scene and you’ll notice the lenticular clouds moving slowly through the sky over a long exposure time of 30 seconds. Small star trails also can be seen streaking behind the clouds.

After shooting this location for an hour or so we headed back to our tents which were right down the river in secluded grove of trees which provided a little bit of wind protection.

During the night the wind was so strong that my one man tent nearly folded flat on the group with me inside. Good times!


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Bow Lake by aaronvonhagen

A lot of people (oftentimes myself included) are too busy trying to capture the perfect picture, that they forget to just sit back and watch something happen. I caught photographer Andrew Caitens doing just that, stopping his shooting to enjoy the moment that was unfolding in front of him.

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12 Apostles, Great Ocean Road, Australia by drjhnsn

The 12 Apostles, okay, not really 12, there never were actually 12, but it sounded better. I think there were only 9 and one collapsed in 2005 so there are only 8 now.

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“The Unknown XII” by suraj1007

Finally 1 night we manage to go out at night to a place which is haunted as per Bertoni Siswanto Photography & B.S Tour Photography 🙂 to shoot the night sky at Nusa Penida island in Bali ..
Well we didn’t find any ghost but found amazing star filled sky above the the Sea.
The Right side horizon was lit with lights coming from Bali but the Left side horizon was so dark we couldn’t even see where the mountain ends & the sea starts & by the way we were at least 450 mtr above Sea lvl. 🙂
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Eventide by RilindHoxha

The shot I am sharing with you all today, is from my most recent trip to Meteora, Greece. It was a very spontaneous decision and luckily I live close by, so I just packed my things and hit the road! I arrived late at night and planned to wake up early for the sunrise. The weather in Greece is extremely pleasant these days, but the nights…I thought Im gonna freeze! Anyway, as much as I wanted to stay in my very warm bed, I got up and drove to Meteora from the small town I was staying in which is located right beneath it.
I was at the location around 6:20, which is about 40 minutes before the sunrise, but I decided to start shooting immediately, because i wanted to capture different perspectives until I get it right. Since I started shooting before sunrise, this image technically represents twilight, that’s how all the colors came in…The light started to touch the top of the mountains, cliff peaks and the monastery. As soon as I saw what was happening, I knew I had to capture it! The moon was just perfect, creating a small glow through the morning haze, plus a few starts left in the sky…it created a very dramatic look!
It was edited from one raw file, since I managed to get everything from a single shot. I also played with the graduated filter in Lightroom to get the sky right; and later with dodge and burn technique in Photoshop. I did adjust the white balance as well, in order to get the magenta tones. It was shot at f11, iso 160 and with a shutter speed of 20 seconds. Even though I did shoot 3 shots bracketed, like I said I used only the base, because it was enough to create the look I envisioned

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Rugged Nature by Jellyman

Starting off on this journey the sky was almost completely clear, and I was really worried I was going to end up with an uninteresting shot, but by the time we had made it up, it had almost completely clouded over. I was very happy to say the least, :)).

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cloudy Santorini by GeorgePapapostolou

Cloudy Oia in Santorini island Greece!!!!

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