The LightKepeer by MattiaBonavida

A fantasy shot on lake Garda, northern Italy.
The light is the hope of a better future.

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A new Beginning! by MattiaBonavida

Waiting for the new year’s eve on lake Garda, Trentino alto Adige, Northern Italy.
Fireworks and emotions!

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An Explorer and his world. by MattiaBonavida

Awesome day of exploration at lake Tovel, Trentino, northern Italy.

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Selfie Nero lake by Guerrini Stefano by guerrinistefano

Selfie at Nero lake! During the day I shooted many images like this one. I left my photocamera on the tripod and walked to the opposite shore of the lake to be in my own landscape picture!

The mountain in the image is the Brenta mountain range in Trentino, north Italy.

Thanks for your comments and suggestions!

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Waiting for the Night. by MattiaBonavida

Waiting for the Night at Passo San Pellegrino, in Val di Fassa, northern Italy.
Awesome place in the nature, sourrounded by the Dolomites!

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Toblino at Sunset. by MattiaBonavida

A small italian lake, located in northern Italy, It’s an awesome location and at sunset and sunrise the place get a magic atmosphere!

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