Arctic cookies for Arthur by Arken

Attention, mes amis, regardez-vous le bear polar!

Cabin Pressure — Qikiqtarjuaq
John Finnemore

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Tribute by tobyharriman


Last year I was lucky enough to be in NYC working for 2 weeks during the Tribute Lights. Had an awesome time making new friends and roaming around the city. This may be one of my favorites. ‪

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Warming the Frozen Forests by everlookphotography

Mount Buffalo, Victoria

One year ago, a distant photographic colleague Jeff Swanson passed away after battling with melanoma. Though I never met Jeff, I could tell that those who did, held him in the highest regard. As outdoor photographers, we tend to be the ones most at risk of developing this type of cancer so I’m hoping that this and many related posts in the next 24 hours will not only bring awareness to the issue but help to support its casualties. On an even more personal note, Marianne and I have been in the doldrums a little while adjusting to the death of our 13 year old husky who also died of locally advanced melanoma which prevented him from eating in the end.

Please visit either of the two links below either to support the broader melanoma cause, or to support Jeff and his loved ones .

[Melanoma Research Foundation]
[Jeff and be there!]

About this image : Only a short 2 months ago, I remember rushing my way as safely as I could while driving 30km/h through thick fog to be able to get to a reasonable vantage point over the Cathedral atop Mount Buffalo. Freezing conditions and ice on the path made it all the more tricky to ‘rush’ up but thankfully when the sun arrived, I felt at peace enough to take my time with the images having let the adrenaline get me up here. This is the true scene without the interpreted clouds from the previous post from here.

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13th. Street Tribute, Haggith’s Stairs by lazydesperados

Here’s our tribute to a photographer who has brought us great joy with all his shots and inspired us with his abstracts from New York City.

Always great to watch your work Kevin Haggith!

-Lazy Desperados-

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War Memorial by Ricardo_Mateus

2 minute long exposure of the striking War memorial dedicated to soldiers of the Portuguese army who died during the Overseas War of 1961 to 1974.
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