Morning Serenade by MarkMetternich

Post Processing Video Tutorials

Nothing ground breaking, but sometimes I tire of seeing the extreme, over the top, hyper-spectacular imagery and desire for something more simple, subtle and even real. :)

After my workshop clients finished capturing the blazing morning mountain sunrise, we set our attention on the amazing light and foggy, atmospheric conditions for long lens work.


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Beavers Paradise by eyeofalens

Beavers Paradise …really be viewed on dark matter.

Captured on the same morning as Trillium Chopped Down & Glory Rise , this ones dedicated to the beavers for giving me some props.

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Dominance by MaxFoster

“Dominance” – Mt. Hood, OR

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After shooting a ton of waterfalls over a couple days in May, I wanted a change of pace. The weather looked like it was breaking around Mt. Hood, so I headed down to Trillium Lake. I’d never been there, and when I parked and saw the mountain breaking through the clouds, I rushed to the nearest open shoreline. There was a line up at the south shore where most people shoot, so I decided to stay over by the point. The low clouds were moving at an incredible pace, and I shot several long exposures to highlight this movement. The light on the mountain was intense and accentuated all the beautiful features of the south face, so I used my tele to capture all the details. Sunset ended up being rather muted, so I packed up and headed back to the gorge, but it was well worth the trip down!

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Glory Rise by eyeofalens

Please Pop Glory Rise on Black

From the same morning as Stone & Wood
different image cropped as the larger scale of Mt Hood allowed for this
Unfortunately I strongly believe 500px have changed the image compression again ,as this is nowhere near as defined as it should be.
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