A night at the race by PeteBondurant

This is the final version of my night view of Trollstigen, with the long road completely lighted by the cars passing trough. I’ve dream this shot for a while and I’m very proud to taking it home.

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Trolltunga Morning by kaizross

As I had made my sunset photography where a couple had gotten engaged I went to sleep in my tiny tent not far from the troll’s tongue. The night was chill and my watch indicated 2 degrees Celsius. In the morning I boiled myself water and made double coffee to get me going. I had some chocolate and headed to check out the tongue more closely. It was peaceful almost spiritual. No one had arrived yet to disturb my moment with this place. I left my coffee by my gear and took a sit on this awesome unique place that I’ve wanted to visit for a long time. The feeling was so nice I really didn’t feel the urge to take lots of shots or try different things. I just sit there and enjoyed.

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Theatre of Trolls by stianklo

The mighty Skogafoss, Iceland – how many troll faces do you see ? I initially only saw four, but my good friend Kilian Schönberger found eight !

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