Rauma Guardians by eyeofalens

Rauma Guardians

I shared a file from this location last year, but was not entirely sold on it & I’m probably not on this either to a full extent, but thats part of the continual learning curb & improvements.

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Trollstigen Bends by eyeofalens

Trollstigen Bends

Ive shared images from here with pretty much all of the mountains in it & road, but this one is more compact & taken with different camera & lens , hence …more compact ….figured id just share it & get it over & done with, since its been sitting dormant for some time. Oh & those two cars? are about the only traffic I saw go up & down here for well over an hour .

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Trollstigen Passage by kaizross

This a big project of mine. I spent several hours capturing the car light trails. I spent the night over there and pretty much had the whole platform for myself. I recommend to anyone building a landscape portfolio to visit Trollstigen.

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The Red Cabin by eyeofalens

The Red Cabin …it needs to be viewed on BLACK

The one on the left would love to stay in that during winter.
Not shared an image from this angle most others were from further down to the right.

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Trollstigen Foggy by kaizross

Last week I posted a shot that I’ve been working on for a long time. The reaction it received was completely overwhelming to me. Due to this I’m getting published and I feel I’m moving forward with my work. Thank you all for your sweet support.

This time I decided to introduce a little foggy effect. I feel it brings some impact to the whole feel of the image. It’s basically what I’m trying to achieve with my photography. Can’t say I’m just a landscape or travel shooter. I need to create the shot to be meaningful and to be part of me. In that sense the work I do is inclined to fine art.

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Trollstigen Trail BR by kaizross

First of all WOW. Thank you so much for the likes, favs and comments you gave to the previous version of this shot “Trollstigen Trail”. Never received so much love and recognition with my photography previous to that.

This is a stack of long exposures I did to get most of the road illuminated by cars’ lights. Some of you maybe can do it in one shot, I spent 2-3 hours with this method which gave me what I wanted. Each shot was with different shutter speed from 20sec-2min. I picked the shots I thought were best put them together.

I thought maybe I did something right with the Trollstigen Trail so here is another look to it.

It was my dream to have this kind of shot in my portfolio and like many pointed out it was worth all the efforts.

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A night at the race by PeteBondurant

This is the final version of my night view of Trollstigen, with the long road completely lighted by the cars passing trough. I’ve dream this shot for a while and I’m very proud to taking it home.

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Trollstigen Trail by kaizross

So this is the shot I’ve been working for awhile now. I needed to stack the many light trail shots into one. I think it is really awesome how this road look when it’s lighten by cars. This way it becomes more about the road then the surroundings it is in. I might do more revisions later, this is what I got now.

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