Winter by eyeofalens


Felt like sharing a cold image so here is Winter …actually it was a cold autumn morning in yellowstone national park, same morning I & others had to leave as some politicians decided it would be a good idea to have a government shutdown ….bizarre to say the least

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Feeding Brown Trout by P-ANilsson

This is my biggest selling photo of all times and its a reedit for all my new followers in here. It is a portrait of a Brown Trout that is surfaced like a whale to eat a big mayfly and i got the perfect shot, the mayfly is just going down into the mouth of the trout. 1/100s later and it would have been a no show on this shot. Took me a long time to take it…..;)
This pic is spreading like wildfire over instagram and have gotten other people over 40000 likes and i am quite sick of theft like this but also glad it gotten viral…. This is my frame no others, so remember that instagram people!!

Please help me share this one, so that its visible to as many people as possible to see. All kind of shares is a great help to me!!Thanks in advance!!

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