Volcán Villarrica en erupción. Araucania, Chile. by fjnegroni

Volcan Villarrica comienza una nueva erupción. Marzo del año 2015.
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dune at the river mouth by fredmatos

Traveling, meeting other cities, new landscapes, cultural and different customs of my people and their stories, their projects, their dreams. This is my hobby, in which the picture is integrated as an accomplice, as a justification, like a third eye, also as an instrument through which I can relive every moment lived outside of my daily life.

Some images appeal to me just by the way, by the traces, the contrast between the volumes, colors, light.

This is a simple image recorded on my most recent trip to the mouth of the São Francisco River in northeastern Brazil: a couple down the sand dune, a woman and a child up. I prefer that there were large clouds in the sky, but there was. As I said is a simple image, almost minimalist, it may be precisely why I liked it.

I hope you also enjoy.

Good weekend for all.

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Penedo by fredmatos

Penedo is a municipality in the state of Alagoas located south of the state, the banks of the Rio São Francisco.

Penedo The name originated from the big rock. The town, supposedly founded in 1613, was elevated to the village of San Francisco in 1636 and in the late nineteenth century was renamed Penedo São Francisco River. Its architecture attracts tourists from many sources. The Church of St. Mary of the Angels is one of the most visited masterpieces.

Its main source of income comes from the primary activity, with coconut, rice, fishing and sugarcane.

The city was included as one of seven Brazilian tourist destinations by 2005 global forum for tourism, continuous action initiative, whose mission is to encourage sustainable local development through tourism and appreciation of culture.

The city also has part of its historical heritage preserved, especially the Imperial Palace, hosting Dom Pedro II in 1859, where they are exposed porcelain, furniture and objects that tell of the history of the city and Brazil.

Other prominent buildings are the Church and Convent of Our Lady of the Angels, the eighteenth century, with baroque details, the Church of Our Lady of the Stream, which we see one of the towers in this photo, and the Church of Saint Mary Garcia.

The culture expressed by the riverside city location on the banks of the Rio San Francisco, is also found in mansions and Penedo streets.

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Europe 1 by fredmatos

um homem e o seu cavalo
sob nuvens de borboletas e pétalas
mas ele apenas observa
o movimento do corpo
a sua sombra projetada na pedra
e ouve uma voz do passado:

a terra é promessa de pão”

põe os olhos na alpercata
a memória é um turbilhão
um arco, um sopro, uma flecha

rubros intumescidos lábios
notas de recorrente canção:

a terra é promessa de pão

pensa que nada mudou
sabe que nada permanece
um homem e o seu cavalo
sob nuvens de borboletas e pétalas
desaparecem na curva da estrada
rumo ao pó e à escuridão

Fred Matos

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