Dark Angel Dust Dance by stephanwiesner

Female dancer dust photography. We just plain flour for this shot. Two yongnuo speedlite strobes from behind and 120cm octabox from front.
I chose not to use HSS to get some motion blur in the dust cloud.

Mehlshooting in Bern. Das umfangreiche Tutorial erklärt genau, wie wir es gemacht haben.
German Tutorial on how we shot it on Youtube:

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Dark Angel – Mehlshooting mit Tänzerin by stephanwiesner

Dark Angel with wings of dust. Flour / dust shooting with strobes in an abandoned building.
Mehlshooting dunkler Engel. Die FlĂĽgel sind gefärbtes Mehl. Das Tutorial dazu gibts bei mir auf Youtube…

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YouTube Speed Edit by thephotofiend

Did a quick YouTube speed edit to give you guys an idea of how I blend my lightroom presets. Please like, comment and subscribe on Youtube and I’ll create more detailed videos!

YouTube Speed EditDownload Presets!

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Sarah by PeterCoulson

This is one of the images shot and edited on my first ever tutorial Complete Guide To Black & White Photography. goo.gl/PrkeRq

© Peter Coulson 2015
Photographer Peter Coulson @ http://ift.tt/y9WMDU
Model: Elizabeth Maynard Ford Models Chicago
Assistant: Rozanna Nazar
with RGG EDU

Lighting: 1.5m Octagonal soft box from above

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Norway – Geirangerfjord by dellm60

I have prepared short time-lapse video about editing / retouching this photo. You can check out how works advanced Photoshop retouching of landscape photos…

YouTube – Advanced landscape photography retouching

Also You can see drone video from the trip:

YouTube – Norway 2015

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Winters Grasp by EliaLocardi

We live in a beautiful world that’s just waiting to be explored, and for me, Iceland most definitely tops the charts with some of the most extraordinary landscapes on the planet. I know its been a long while since I’ve shared a new image from Iceland but believe me, I’ve been shooting and processing many since my last visit with Fstoppers in December.

Out of 10 days of icy winter exploration, this was one of my favorite locations we filmed while I taught a lesson on manual exposure blending and how to use a solid neutral density filter to create soft tendrils of streaky water. Since it was winter time, we had to use crampons to safely hike in and approach the edge of the cliff but that just added to the uniqueness of the experience. It also meant that there were beautiful patches of snow and ice that mixed perfectly with the composition.

To learn how I shot and post-processed this image from start to finish and see the before and after comparison, you can find all the info about my new educational video by visiting: http://ift.tt/1K9IvDX.

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