whistle for it by twoblackcats

Whistle for it:
If someone says that you can whistle for something, they are determined to ensure that you don’t get it.
It’s not possible to whistle on the moon as to be on the moon you need a spacesuit and the pressure is only 1/3rd of atmospheric pressure.
Some pub tankards used to come with a whistle on so that you could request a refill by blowing your whistle – hence, wet your whistle and whistle for it.

If you can’t be bothered to get up early to photograph a red moon – whistle for it – or whistle it up.

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after the rain by twoblackcats

We set off in a storm – driving through lightning and floods but by the afternoon it had cleared and we went to Carolside Gardens in the Scottish Borders, which were terrific. Alchemilla – Lady’s mantle.
Unfortunately I didn’t have my camera – only my old Motorola phone.

Carolside Garden
A traditional and romantic garden set in a beautiful 18th century landscape, comprising lawns, shrubberies, mixed borders, a secret garden, a winter garden and an oval walled garden containing herbaceous borders, fruits, vegetables, parterres and a historically important collection of roses that has been carefully assembled over 24 years. Kenneth Cox in his book “Scotland for Gardeners” describes Carolside as “one of Scotland’s finest private gardens”.

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