The Jungle by julvar

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After getting bored in south Bali, I escaped up to the mountains of Ubud. Ubud is culture, yes, but hiking in the surrounding hills transport you far from your memories of frantic south Bali. It’s a majestic vision of emerald steps, serious jungles and river gorges receding into far away distances. Ubud is not just another destination, this town is a state of mind – a feast for the soul. Around this town there are so many great treks you can take. I decided to take the Campuan Ridge trek and can tell you that here I saw jungle that I’ve only ever seen in movies. I started the trek at 5 am in the morning, as the heat and humidity is otherwise unbearable in the middle of the day. The biggest surprise for me was that there was nobody else in that jungle. After many hours of trekking I finally encountered another person, a stock broker from London. When I asked what he could possible be doing here, he said he comes here every year for months to escape the chaos of the civilized world. He also told me about the resort at the bottom of the trek where he is staying, a resort which specializes in absolute relaxation only ( including yoga, meditation, etc ) and is in the middle of the jungle. I very much enjoyed the solitude of being up in the mountains and this jungle. The mountain in the background is the largest active volcano in Bali, G Agung ( 3142 m tall ).

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