Caribbean Dog by dogbreathphotography

I’m baaaaaaack!!! 🙂
I’m breaking the superduper crazy bananapants silence thats floated in over here these past few weeks! The reason for my disappearance?! Photographing in the sparkling, impossibly crystal blue waters of the Caribbean!! I just returned back to the contiguous United States after an unbelievably magical adventure down in the Virgin Islands. Boy oh boy do I ever have stories for you! I cant even pull enough words out of my heart right now to describe what an absolutely incredible experience it all was.

I’m taking these first few days back on US soil to unpack, get my studio/workspace back up and running and to answer all the messages and emails I missed while I was away.

But in the meantime, I just had to quickly pop in and share one of my favorite images of the trip with you. This gorgeous girl is Penny. Penny is a rescued Border Collie/Corgi mix who makes it her full time job to gallivant across the sandy beaches of St. Croix. This girl was absolutely cuckoo for the water – she had us all absolutely cracking up at her playtime antics. Penny was quite proud to show me her turquoise ocean, we swam together as she paddled in relentless happy little circles underneath the tropical sun above us. From time to time, she would swim back to the beach to do a joyful, proper little roll in the sand (hence that fabulous sandy nose!!), and then she’d gleefully bounce right back in the water with me to do it all over again!

If there’s one thing I know from having the opportunity to visit unbelievable places like this – it’s that magic really does exist. And man oh man, I cant describe the gratitude that fills my heart for how incredibly lucky we are to call a planet so beautiful home.

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