Declamation of democracy by Vahlenkamp

How did England become a democracy?

In 1721 Britain became a full constitutional monarchy, under George I, when a single parliamentarian (Robert Walpole) became head of government in the office of First Lord of the Treasury, which later became known as “Prime Minister”. By this time Britain had the largest and most powerful Empire in history and the British people were the freest in the world.

Finally the democracy came in 1918 with the Representation of the People Actwhich saw the size of the electorate triple from 7.7 million to 21.4 million.

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Smoking Barrel by BaberAfzal

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Here is a shot I took the other day when we though the fog will roll over into Dubai, United Arab Emirates but didn’t unfortunately. However, the weather did manage to create this very surrealistic mist/fog mix at that time and so we decided to take advantage of it.

I waited for almost an hour and a half to get this shot as I wanted the sun’s light to reflect on Burj Khalifa which gave birth to this scene. The entire Downtown Dubai – The Centre of Now was submerged in the mist while only Burj Khalifa stood out.

I am content with how it has turned out considering the fact that the weather wasn’t as good as we desired. Sometimes you just gotta make the best with what you have. smile emoticon

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Everest (Kangshung Face) by MAPhoto

I wanted to make sure I got to post at least one of my images of Mount Everest here, since there is nowhere like Tibet if you want great views of the great one. If you are like me, you would prefer this one of just Everest’s summit:

But here I wanted to show a little more, and show off the mountain in a more hospitable type of light. I made an X on the map at this spot before we even went hiking because based on my map research of the angles and my knowledge of how glacial rivers carve wide drainages, I knew there must be some good opportunities here for a landscape shot that put Everest in the forefront with fall colors nearby, probably the only place in the world where such a shot exists, and one I had not seen before.

To the left of Everest is Lhotse and Lhotse Shar, all 8000m +

Thanks for looking.

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An unexpected gift by GiuseppeTorre

Yesterday coming home, I noticed a really fantastic colour on the sky.. Pink and red.
I stopped the car on the side of the street, I took the phone ready to frame a dramatic pink sky.. And I found this amazing sight in front of my eyes..

Never seen something similar before.. and my only regret was not to have got time to take my dslr to improve the quality of this sight.

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Dimension of Night by MikkoLagerstedt

Created with my Vision of Depth technique, more information here: Star Photography eBook

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Desert Fireworks by MAPhoto

If you missed this image the first time, here it is again. I have never reposted any images here before, but had said that I would do so in this case, because the first image did not meet my artistic vision nor standards despite being well received with 2500 favs. I removed the first version amidst much complaining and I do apologize if you had left a comment the first time.

In other, more important news, I have returned from the Everest region of Tibet after a month spent in China recently and am busy preparing to launch my new website on November 15th of this year. At that time only will my new images be posted, including dozens of new works, unless you happen to be at YellowKorner Gallery in Hong Kong tomorrow evening for my media event and pre-release showing.

Until then, this shot from this past summer’s storm chase in Arizona will need to suffice, as it makes too good an addition to my portfolio collection here to leave out despite the fact it won’t see as much attention the second time around. This image was 2-second exposures minutes after the sun had set, and to obtain it I pretty much drove around like crazy following storm cells until that time occurred, and composed what I found.

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The Dark Knight Rises by DaniloFaria

Sometimes is better to be lucky than good at something, this was one of those days. Sun rays broke for a few minutes at the Grand Canyon National Park after a massive blizzard. On this day in January snowed at central and northern Arizona for about 20 straight hours. I had permits for “the Wave”, I barely made it to the Grand Canyon village. We got “stuck” there for 2 days until the roads opened again. Being “flexible” with where to go usually works great. After a few images I wasn’t complaining that the temperature dropped to -8F. The most amazing part of that day was that even though it was snowing hard at the top rim, the snow would melt before it reached the lower elevations (with much warmer temperatures) and you can see that difference in the image. From the archives… slight different version of a previously posted image.
Thank you all so much for the votes and feedback, I appreciate it very much!

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