*look around* by Fotoarte

Hi my dear friends, here comes a panorama of 8 single-shots, each @10mm. What you see is a littel lovely harbour what belongs to Gargnano, Lago di Garda. Hope you enjoy the italian feeling. Greetings and cheers from a fantastic destination.

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The dark side of the Shades by StefanHefele

Hautes-Alpes / France

A good photo turns things upside down and transports the viewer into a world of dreams. So at least this is my personal interpretation. If I had a little more guts, I would have had the chance to catch a flash from this gigantic thundercloud on this open platform at nearly 2500 m altitude. My thoughts revolved only around my family and let’s get out here. It was a hard decision but my instinct won…
Photoshop could have addressed it, but for my taste that would be too much of manipulation!
Enjoy the horrible-tempting atmosphere.


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