Canyon Flame by Pcoskun

It’s been a while since I have visited a slot canyon, and lately the urge has been making me want to return. The hordes of people in these particular canyons makes it a little unappealing, but nevertheless, the canyons are stunning. Ever since seeing the very first slot canyon image in a gallery here in the SW, I have been fascinated by the colors, textures, and shapes that these canyons contain. Regardless of how many times they have been photographed, I never tire of seeing the shades of warm and cool light contrasting with one another.

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ShapeShifter by AaronReedPhotography

ShapeShifter – Upper Antelope Canyon

Here is the first official release from my trip to the SW, an image of upper Antelope canyon. Photographing these canyons was fun and something everyone should see for themselves. Say what you will about the location being overshot, I had collectors of my work asking for this image and here it is.

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