Utakleiv by Arild_Heitmann

Utakleiv is a classic Lofoten location. One of those spots that ive shot so many times now, but i still find this particular place interesting. There is always something different going on.

On this day the waves were reaching higher than normal, and i found this perfect rock shelf leading to the iconic Skolmen Mountain in the background.

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Ominosity by janneka

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The rocky coast at Utakleiv beach in Lofoten islands with its famous mountain silhouette in the background. Being a 50s exposure, I liked how the movement of the clouds, blue color cast and dark tones all created a threatening mood. This image required a great deal of very fine dodging & burning to get the most of the shiny rocks in the foreground and also some additional tricks to make the scene look as I had envisioned it.

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Utakleiv Beach by jarrodcastaing

Dragon’s Den by janneka

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A panorama of three horizontal shots taken from Uttakleiv beach in Lofoten islands. The rocky beach was full of interesting textures but I was struggling with the light as there were absolutely no low clouds to block the direct sunlight. So I had to wait until very last moment to capture the sunset or use some obstacles like I did here. In the end it turned out fine with the sharp sunburst behind the rock with zero flares and nice golden light at the edges of the frame.

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