“A New Beginning II” by suraj1007

“A New Beginning” Happy 2016 :) by suraj1007

In Dubai 2015 ended up badly with “The Address” hotel gutted by fire but as it is Dubai they quickly recovered & went ahead with the Fireworks….
Salute to those armed officer & Fire Brigade who tackled it quickly..
Hopefully 2016 will be better…

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Paris Sunset Panorama by YuriFineart

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If you like my work, you can buy Licenses of my Pictures here:”On Sale”

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Taken during sunset from the ”tour montparnasse” in Paris, France summer 2014. The panorama is stitched together with Windows ICE from 8 18 mpx files which gives it a huge amount of detail and resolution. Of all the photos i’ve taken in paris this is in my top 3 for sure, I just love how the warm light from the sun shines upon different parts of the city, The dreamy, soft look near the eiffel tower and of the skyscrapers behind. If you are going to Paris, you absolutely have to go on the ”tour montparnasse”! The view is simply breathtaking, you can’t see anything but Paris, as far as your eye can see in all directions!


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Good Morning, Hong Kong by peterstewartphotography

Sunrise from Victoria Peak, Hong Kong
10th June 2015. 5:40am

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