Sunrise with Venus by patrickzephyr

I’ve crossed this brook many times in route to other locations on the shoreline here at one of my favorite areas of the Quabbin Reservoir. For a few months every year I can watch the sun rises at the end of this stream. On this particular morning venus broke the horizon first so together we waiting for sun. Thanks for stopping by. If your interested in exploring some of my favorite places in New England send me an email. I have been teaching individual workshops for 20 years and I’d be happy to share my knowledge and some of my favorite places to wander. To see more of my work please check out my website
canon 6D, 14mm Rokinon, F8, SS 15sec, iso 4000

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Venus in firs by BenCoffman

*I just announced my 2016 night-sky photography workshops, where I teach all of my in-field and post-processing techniques. Check my website for details.*

Friend and fellow photographer Mitch Carlson accompanied me for this shoot several weeks back. The goal was to capture the planet Venus shining brightly in the skies over South Falls (Silver Falls State Park). Despite some patchy fog that was pretty think in places, we got lucky and made it happen.

I beg of you, plead of you, please give this one a click to view it on a dark background.

I had shot a similar composition over three years ago. I’d never quite been happy with that old photo, which was extremely dark and had some problems with the light painting techniques I’d used. This is a really challenging place to shoot for various reasons, but I feel like I made significant improvements on that old image.

Thanks for checking out the photo!

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Among the best and the brightest by BenCoffman

*I teach my in-field and post-processing techniques in workshops; I just announced my 2016 night-sky workshop schedule Check my website for details*

This one’s from an early-morning jaunt to capture this scene at Lost Lake. Recent winds mean there were a lot of trees down in that area, which made the drive up (and even the walk in) take a little longer than normal.

Pictured are the planets Jupiter, Mars, and Venus (from top to bottom, over Mt Hood). The star just below Venus (the brightest object in this photo) is Spica.

Thanks for giving it a look!

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Celestial Dance Over Lake Superior by morganpt

The morning of October 11th was a beautiful one where Venus, Jupiter, and Mercury formed an arc leading to the crescent moon over Hollow Rock. Per my normal travel habit, I parked my car next to my morning photo destination so I would not miss the morning magic. This time just outside of Hollow Rock, which is just south of Grand Portage, MN.

Setting up about 2 hours before sunrise, around 5:20 am, I first took a series of astro shots and kept taking pictures from the same spot until sunrise. This image is a composite of three images from the same spot with a 15 minute time period. Here, you can see three planets and the crescent moon. Venus is the brightest object, with Jupiter just below and to the left, and Mercury is very faint as it is just above and a little left of the crescent moon. You can see details here:

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a (resting) bird’s eye view of San Diego! by fmarty

This is the photo I took for the One Minute on Earth 2015 project at 02:10 AM on 10 October 2015 in San Diego, California!
Thanks to all who took up the challenge and took part in this wonderful project!
Please take a look at the One Minute on Earth 2015 photos that are being uploaded here!
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Departure by Pcoskun

Please view this one on black!

One of the many photographs I made earlier this year while visiting some remote sandstone formations. This photo was taken shortly after sunset when there was still enough light to illuminate the landscape, but dark enough to reveal the stars. This is one of my favorite times to take photographs as I love photographing the night skies. I’ve always enjoyed this feature of sandstone swirls, spires, and brainrock. It’s extremely photogenic and it seems to come to life as the light changes over it. With the fading clouds holding on to the last bits of the colorful sunset, Venus shines brightly above. I imagine the foreground rocks and formations in the midground were at one point joined together, but the forces of nature divided them over time to create the split shown between.

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