Intruder by PerriSchelat

At first I was annoyed that this guy walked right out into about 1/2 a dozen frames of photographers standing with me. After hearing a lot of bitching, I realized it was a gift, so I photographed him.

I love the serene, gentleness of this. It feels like you could hear a pin drop.

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Colorful and Reflective by GreggB

Here is a shot of a very colorful kind of living. And, a very reflective as well.
I shot this panorama in Vermont, just like most of my shots you saw in the last two weeks. The lake you see is called Elmore and it’s located around 20 minutes away North from Stowe.

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The Fall Road by GreggB

How about this road? I think it’s an amazing drive early in the morning, surrounded with colors of the fall. Yes, I was standing in the middle of the road when I took this shot but at this time of a day there were virtually no cars driving yet, so I was safe smile emoticon
Enjoy this “moody” shot.

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Fall Colors by GreggB

So I’ve been traveling in a last two weeks back and forth between California and New England to get my “foliage change” shots. I was last week in Maine, Acadia NP, but the place wasn’t yet ready; it looked not nearly what it normally looks like at this time of a year. There were no colors there yet and trees were all green. I bet it still is greenish now, or (in the best case) getting some yellows.
So, I decided to pop in to Vermont and man, oh man, this place is the foliage paradise! It’s absolutely beautiful here now, and foliage change is at its peak, or very strong. Here is what I’ve captured today after some morning rain….

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Vermont Splendor! by kuekat_Dave

As promised a continuation of my fall in Vermont series.
Three gorgeous Belgian horses enjoy a morning meal in the splendor of a Vermont fall morning.

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The Explorer! by kuekat_Dave

A friendly dog greets me as I stop to admire the scenery. This is from a series of Vermont in the fall images I have mad over the years. More to come stay tuned!

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