the dancer by AlexanderYakovlev

young beautiful dancer posing on a studio background

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OLSTINDEN AND A BOAT by johnnymyrenghenriksen


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The observer by Carlosmacr

I am not very active in 500px days as i’m spending some days out for holidays. But since i missed a lot uploading something, i found this old image in my telephone.
I took this image about 5 years with my first camera. Well, i didn’t say right. It was my wife who took it with the idea i told her. It’s an photo that lacks of quality but that anyway brings me nice memories. In the horizon, Teide (Tenerife island), the highest peak in Spain——————

No estoy muy activo últimamente por no llevar el ordenador conigo estos días. Pero tenía ganas de subir algo y encontré esta antigua imagen por el móvil. La foto se tomó en equipo porque no llevaba trípode y no hubiera podido hacerla sin la ayuda de mi mujer. Tiene sus deficiencias técnicas aparte de no haberse tomado con la mejor de las cámaras, pero me trae buenos recuerdos y le tengo cariño a esta foto. Saludos y felices fiestas y Feliz Año entrante para todos los que somos por aquí asiduos (por no decir enganchados :)) C

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Ghost Mountains by ManuelMartin1972

I was on a hike in the Alps enjoying the fresh air and the few snow we had (better to have few snow than nothing lol) when I arrived at this point in the image! And what I really loved was how the mountains were disappearing and appearing all the time behind fog and low hanging clouds. We had changing weather conditions and a very strong wind … no wonder that I could be a viewer of this wonderful spectacle! I was so fascinated by this back and forth of having mountains in front of me and having nothing than only a white wall that I was afraid to lose this opportunity to capture only one scene of whatever! So, no time to look for a cool foreground! I just threw the backpack on the ground, grab my cam and my tripod and made so many shots as possible hoping to have something useful to show! Well, and this one here is the result and I hope you like it!

Thank you for your time and interest in my photos, your visit is most appreciated 🙂


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The Rocks And The Midnight Sun by DagurJonsson

I was so lucky last summer to witness at Grandabót seashore here in Reykjavik, one of the most amazing midnight sun I have seen. I have already uploaded pictures from that scenery but I am still finding shots from that night that are interesting. Here is a painting style vertical image with very strong colors.

Please view the image also on a black background!

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Tuscany, portrait by ronnybas

Tuscany, Italy. Portrait vertical view of a beautiful and lonely farmhouse surrounded by the green and golden hills of Val d’Orcia

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Sorapiss lake vision by Integraphotonature