Dyrhólaey Iceland by MarianGociek

Dyrhólaey was amazing, just the weather like usual on Iceland is unpredictable, went there two times, and nothing else just rain 😉 Maybe next time we will see more colors during sunset

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Vikurkirkja church at Midnight by YiannisPavlis

The church is located above the village Vik And the town’s 300 residents have been trained to flee to the church on the hill (Vikurkirkja) in the event of flash flooding which could occur if a volcano erupts under the nearby glacier Mýrdalsjökull. .The photo was taken around midnight back in June.Please Visit me on Facebook!. Happy Holidays to everyone around the globe

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Reynishverfi Black sand beach the midnight by YiannisPavlis

This Black sand beach with the basalt columns and those are the weird rock formation that sticks out of the sea called Reynisdrangar ,located in Vik . Luckily after a dull afternoon the sky clear a lot and i was shooting with the midnight sun (it was around midnight). The person that shoots is my young daughter .Please Visit me on Facebook!.

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One step to eternity by FelixRoeser

Lately I went through my archives and found this shot from an epic morning on the southcoast of Iceland I haven´t published before.
When we arrived in the evening at the foggy and dark coast of Vik after a 400km escape from a bad weatherfront in the east, we would never have thought that the next morning would bring such a gorgeous Sunrise.
The spray of the sea and the golden sunlight breaking through the clouds let the beach appear like an otherwordly place where the mystical Icelandic mythology comes to life again.

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Reynisfjara Beach and “Eagle rock” basalt column by YiannisPavlis

Dyrhólaey, South Iceland Arnardrangur Reynisfjara Beach a typical rainy day back in June .Please Visit me on Facebook!.

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