King Matterhorn by AlfredoCostanzo

Snowball by myst1cal

Mount Matterhorn, Switzerland

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Our Monument by myst1cal

The Matterhorn, Switzerland

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Matterhorn Twilight by sysaworld

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Just few minutes, but allways great emotions during twilight, especially when in front of a such panorama!

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Just a perfect day under the Matterhorn by AlfredoCostanzo

What a wonderful World by AlfredoCostanzo

I love this place. Here, in the night, peace and quiet reign supreme, broken only by the roar of a distant waterfall…. And you stop to think, to enjoy this immense sky, enhanced by the presence of the Milky Way. All this penetrates in the soul, arousing a sense of infinity, a sense of peace that now only in a few places you can enjoy.
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In search of light by myst1cal

that’s a shot i took last winter. i reprocessed it a ‘lill bit 🙂

it shows the Matterhorn located at Zermatt, Valais.
when i took this one it was about -30° 🙂 but i really wan’t miss this adventure!

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