The Fire Within by MarselvanOosten

As we’re nearing the end of 2015, I finally have some time to look back at all the places that I’ve visited and photographed this year. It’s been one big rollercoaster ride, and although it was a lot of fun, it’s good to have some time off and reflect. And to process my images, as that seems to be the one thing that I never have time for. 414,733 images on my hard drives, of which I processed 6,664. I won’t get bored anytime soon.

Well, this is #6,665 and it was shot earlier this year on our Iceland Winter Wilderness tour. It’s pretty straightforward, but I liked how the light of the rising sun seems to illuminate that chunk of ice from the inside.

I used the LucrOit filter system on my Nikon 14-24/2.8 to slow down my shutter speeds.

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Sunset in Limbé’s Volcanic Beach… by victorndende

Dark sand, volcanic rocks, atlantic ocean and a beautiful sunset. That is Limbé!

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Where Ice Meets Fire by darkelfphotography

It took two attempts to see Kerlingerfjoll in Iceland in all its glory. First time we were thwarted by the weather but the second time it was just perfect. Fresh snow covered the upper parts and it looked absolutely stunning combined with the colour of the mountains and the blue sky. It is a place where the ice truly meets fire and the experience is wonderful.

I used the small hiking party as a human element in this scene to capture the true scale of the mountains and terrain.

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One step to eternity by FelixRoeser

Lately I went through my archives and found this shot from an epic morning on the southcoast of Iceland I haven´t published before.
When we arrived in the evening at the foggy and dark coast of Vik after a 400km escape from a bad weatherfront in the east, we would never have thought that the next morning would bring such a gorgeous Sunrise.
The spray of the sea and the golden sunlight breaking through the clouds let the beach appear like an otherwordly place where the mystical Icelandic mythology comes to life again.

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New Horizons by sigurdurfbjarnason

Fortuneteller lake ( isl Spákonuvatn ) South west Iceland, the area is active volcanic area been sleeping for few hundred years now, but could go off any time. Popular hiking grounds of the locals from the Reykjavik Icelands Capital nearby.

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