Radiance by MaxFoster

“Radiance” – Spirit Falls, WA

Here is a shot from Spirit Falls, which has some of the brightest turquoise water I have seen. The falls are popular with kayakers, which is pretty crazy. Check out this video of several kayakers dropping it: Spirit Falls Kayakers

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Solstice Sunset by BrandtM

I try to avoid reposting a file, however, due to the lack of a replacement option in 500px, every once in a while a current edit of a previous photo is so much better it seems to make sense to update it with a new upload. This is from the June Solstice, or within a day or two of it, in 2014. Thank you for visiting.

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Methow River In Fall by BrandtM

This is taken in the Methow Valley of Washington State. The fall color can vary widely depending on conditions and this years lack of precipitation muted much of the color. These trees, being on the water, fared much better and put on quite the display.

Michael Brandt Photography

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In Transition by snyder7

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I first discovered this tarn almost two years ago to the day. Given that this year has been really strange and things have happened about 4-6 weeks earlier than usual because of the weather patterns we’ve had, my friend Bryan and I decided to go “larch hunting” last weekend, and we had great (albeit unexpected) conditions.

I had checked NOAA’s weather report for the specific area we were visiting, and the conditions were supposed to be mostly clear for day and night. Surprise, surprise… It was overcast and raining at lower elevations and some snow flurries up high. We were at 6400 ft and we basically had snow all day, with short breaks here and there. But it was actually pretty amazing to be in that kind of weather for most of the time we were up at the lake basin.

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Let It Come To You by snyder7

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Shooting in the forest is one of my most favorite things to do. It is incredibly peaceful to wander around massive trees, stepping on soft moss and letting all the sounds and smells come to you.

Being flexible and abandon all pre-conceived notions of what one wants to shoot is a must, otherwise all the hidden gems will go unnoticed.

This was shot in the early morning in the rainforest in the Olympic Peninsula, while scouting for fall color a couple of weeks ago. It’s a single exposure, shot at f/11, 1/25 sec. ISO 1600, focal length 85mm.

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Thunderous by MaxFoster

“Thunderous” – Falls Creek Falls, Washington

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Falls Creek Falls was certainly one of my favorites from my last trip to WA/OR. The beautiful 1.7mi hike brings you to an overlook which is where most people see the falls from. Chris Williams and I wanted to get the lower perspective seen here, which I think makes the falls look even more impressive. The set of falls collectively drop 335′, with the last drop of 91′ seen here. It was quite an extraordinary view. We also enjoyed meeting Taylor Duncan down there!

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Into the Storm by BruceHood

It’s hard to get up at the end of a trip especially when you hear the sound of heavy rain falling on the roof. We did however manage to pull it together for the last morning of the inaugural WA OOAK trip. The wind was blowing fairly hard straight onto the shore which meant any rain was going to be a problem. In a brief window of opportunity I managed to bang out the 7 frames to form this panorama.

Due to the minimal nature of this image I had to hand stitch, exposure correct and blend the frames manually in Photoshop to make up this panorama.

The existing star on top of the light post was replaced with something a little more substantial.

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