Heart for Wahclella by ErwinBuske

One thing I always remember to do when photographing a scene is to occasionally look behind me, Often there is more of a show in the opposite direction of the primary attraction, in this case Wahclella Falls (Columbia Gorge, Oregon). To me moving with the moment and staying fluid is as important as previsualization of a scene. I am not sure what the small Falls on the left is called, but I thought these falls along with the heart shaped sky contributed strongly to the feel of this composition. I am very happy the way this turned out and from this evening at the Falls, this is the image that lingers most in my memory-not the falls at all! Thanks for viewing my image.

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Wahclella Falls by raygreenphotography

Early spring image of Wahclella Falls located along the Columbia River Gorge in Oregon. Thank you for viewing, voting and/or any constructive comments!

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Wahclella’s Cauldron by Pcoskun

A simple photograph of Wahclella falls in Oregon’s scenic Columbia River Gorge. I liked the simplicity of the falls being framed by the mossy walls as it dumps into this pool. This was the last photograph I made during my trip to the pacific northwest.

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