Spirit Falls by blurrr001

Spirit, Falls, WA

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Spirit Falls is great waterfall in Washington, its tucked away a little and fairly unmarked. It has been shot a lot in the last 2 years but rightfully so, it one of the more photogenic waterfalls around. The hike down ( and back up for that matter) is a a mini adventure, a steep calf burning rock garden, and a few mossy rocks to scramble around on, its a short but sweet hike.

Nikon D810
NIkon 24-70
ISO – 100
50 mm

.4 sec water

4 image focus stack & 1 extra for water movement

Prints & post processing instruction available. See my website for more details Ryan Engstrom Photography

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Fray by TedGore

Elowah Falls on a gentle spring morning this past may. I just barely caught the morning light as it began to shine into the canyon, creating a fantastic moment that gives me a sense of hope. I’ve been off the grid for a bit, doing some traveling, but otherwise feeling uninspired and a bit beaten down from lifes trials. That’s slowly fading, and I’m getting the energy to be creative again. This shot had been on my mind since I shot it last may, and it took about all I had in me, creatively, to force myself to get it put together. Maybe it will provide someone a respite from the fray.

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Drape of Purity by aagazzi

It was quite challenging to find a decent spot to put up a tripod and building up an image where not too many obstacles are in your way. The stones are extremely slippery so caution is required to prevent yourself from falling with all the equipment!

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