Sunset in Limbé’s Volcanic Beach… by victorndende

Dark sand, volcanic rocks, atlantic ocean and a beautiful sunset. That is Limbé!

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Beacon by DustinMontgomery

Sunset at Lake Tahoe.

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It’s snowing large flakes in this photo – not “dumping” by any means, but more than enough to cause streaking through all the shadows. I spent sometime repairing those areas. The haziness of the image, especially around the sun is from the snow falling.

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Financial District in fog by Haggard-Photography

Financial District in fog | Frankfurt, Germany 2015

© Ronny Behnert
Website – Bewegungsunschaerfe

The financial district of frankfurt am Main covered by fog. This photo was taken during my last photo-workshop about long exposures, architecture and urban landscapes in the german capital of skyscrapers and the financial system.
We started in a rainy morning but after a while the rain stopped and we just got a grey sky without any structures in the clouds.
When we arrived at the river Main the fog started floating deep above Frankfurt to cover the famous skyscrapes. A rare moment which we had to catch! During the next weeks I will show some results of the participants too.
I am happy to announce that the new dates for the next photo-workshops are almost planned. I will publish them on my website within the next week. Stay tuned.

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Waiting for the storm… by bzh88

I took this picture a couple of minutes before a heavy rain on the beautiful beach of Penhat (Crozon peninsula, Brittany)

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