Fungus Photoshopus by andiblockiersystem

Snapshot during a family celebration in Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany.

Inspired by the works of Anke Kneifel:

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Private time. by Mingmuang

Private time.

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Abiqua Morning Light by JeffHobsonPhotography

My second trip to these amazing falls. I made the trek here with Lance Rudge and Terence Lee, we got there just in time before the sun was all the way up allowing us to get some nice morning light on the trees and surrounding areas. Didn’t last long before the sun had pretty much taken over and it was too bright to shoot anymore. I had a great time with these two photographers that I have looked up too for sometime now! If you haven’t checked out there work, please do, it’s top of the line! Thanks guys for the great day! Everybody happy friday! Follow me at: Facebook:
Instagram: jeffhobson1

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