Profanities of Glee by m_jackisch

Ever take that first bite of a perfectly cooked steak and exclaim, ‘OOOoooh, $#*%@ this is good!’

This was kind of like that for me, only the aesthetic version.

I know of people who don’t see the appeal in hiking because of the lack of thrill factor, but I’d be lying if I said my heart wasn’t pounding as I stood gaping in awe of this place. The challenge of getting here (I failed once) made it that much more rewarding.

The whole time, based on the images I had seen prior, I expected the sun to make an appearance from the left side igniting the falls to the right.

Being March, this happened instead.

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Weeping Walls by terenceleezy | Facebook | Flickr

This was one of the highlights from my short roadtrip to California with Rami Jabaji. For several reasons, I have always skipped this waterfall; it’s out of the way, requires walking on some train tracks, involves parking issues and the list of excuses goes on. Anyway, after skipping this numerous times, I finally made a trip out to this place. As usual, it’s not the easiest place to access, but the place felt like the California Zoo by the time we left (i.e. 21 people there when we left). Really like it nevertheless. Worth a visit! 🙂

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