Breiðavíkurkirkja by MargyPhotographies

Breiðavíkurkirkja, Iceland
© Marion Kabac

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Morning Spectacle of Kofa Mountain Range, Arizona by PatrickMarsonOng

Really had an awesome time capturing these peculiar cacti backed by the stunning Kofa spires! Must say that one night in this amazing location is not enough. If you’ve checked out my previous dawn shot, I was shooting this when I accidentally brushed up my leg against one of the jumping cholla. I’ll never forget that excruciating pain as I limped towards my comp, felt each of the tiny needles pierced into my skin as I try to finish my exposures. Muscle memory must have kicked in, didn’t know how I managed to pull this off.

You might be wondering why its called jumping cholla? It was named that way because the stems can easily detach from the main plant and attach itself to whatever it was brushed up against. Those needle-like individual spines are made out of sharp scales that makes extraction very very very painful!!!!!! So when you see one, do not touch!! Lol!

Thanks for looking! Cheers!

**View in black**

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Warm Light in the West by jeffclow

I was standing at this spot in the Professor Valley of Utah alone one late afternoon day and the moment seemed frozen in time.

No evidence of man in front of me and just a deeply hidden memory in my brain of all the times I watched westerns as a kid and thought of places like this as “the old west”.

I kept listening for the sounds of a cavalry bugle to echo across the landscape…

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Desert Oasis by DaniloFaria

I have been living in the Sonoran Desert – a North American desert which covers large parts of the Southwestern United States in Arizona and California, and of Northwestern Mexico in Sonora, Baja California and Baja California Sur. Water is a very precious commodity. We have a handful of rivers and small lakes, but the majority of it only runs during the rainy season. So when I came across this place in the middle of Arizona, my eyes were shocked. I question myself if I wasn’t dreaming: turquoise waterfall and fall colors in the desert? I guarantee you, it was hard to believe – but it was real…
(P.S. I will have more images of this creek coming soon, stay tuned).
Thank you all for your feedback!

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Land’s End by DaniloFaria

Navajo Mountain and Gunsight Bay (Butte) receiving the last light on a brisk winter afternoon. Handheld panorama testing my friend’s Sony A7R. Thank you for your feedback and visits!

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Starlight over Shark Fin Cove by brianfulda

This night was special. A few friends and I drove down the California coast from San Francisco to a little town called Davenport to shoot the sunset. Afterwards, we decided to get burritos and then head back to the beach to maybe shoot the Milky Way.

When we got back, there were all of these fishing boats with white lights dotting the horizon. At first, I was heartbroken, thinking that the bright lights would prevent me from getting a good shot of the Milky Way. But I waited for them to go out of sight from this view and they ended up illuminating what would have otherwise been a very dark foreground. They helped make the photograph, and I’m so glad they did!

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