Toward the Red Mountain by everlookphotography

Mount Bruce
Karijini national park

This is the scene that greets you if you arrive at sunset at the gates of Karijini National Park – It was a great inspiration , until of course we got to the campsite dinner shelter and plague proportions of insects shared our dinner with us lol.

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Entity by ScottMcCook

Hey Guys 🙂

This image was taken on a very rainy day in the Karri Forest along Caves road in the South West region of Western Australia.

I had some great success with this image here in Australia and the state and national Print Awards run by the AIPP.

It was a risky image to enter into the print awards because, well, it’s mostly black!! not something that is known to be a winner 😉

I loved the image and decided to enter it, netting a Gold and second place overall in the state landscape awards and a Silver Distinction in the Nationals.

Prior to entering the image I was told by many people that it was risky to enter but quite possibly innovative enough to do well.

For me that’s what I love with such things and images, I’m often creating images that come from some weird wacky place deep within me and this was one of those. I never set out to create this look, I did know I wanted a blurred effect but that was about it, the final image was something that just happened.

That kind of image creation is the most fun I have when in post 🙂


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Afterglow by ScottMcCook

Hey Guys,

This is a very photographed spot and I’ve been in the mood lately to try some different edits from here. I don’t often push things out this far and to be honest I’m not even sure about it but it does look different! I like to explore all corners of post processing as you can see in my portfolio, this is the extreme of one of those corners 🙂


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Hammersley Waves by everlookphotography

Spa Pool

I better upload a few of Marianne’s images lol. This one was one of her ‘blinded’ images that she took at Spa Pool where she banned herself from looking at any images from the location before going there (she stays off social media much more than me!) Interesting that the composition of this one is pretty similar to the ‘standard’

To see our Karijini adventures, watch this video !

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Universal II by ScottMcCook

***Just click on the image to view on black**

Hey Guys,

This image is a personal favourite of mine for a couple of reasons.

Foremost it’s because of the night I spent shooting it. The sand you see in the shot comes from an area called the “icecream” dunes located as you drive up or down to Cervantes. As you’re going down the road you can spot these stunningly white sand dunes.

They sit like these little isolated islands of white looking ice cream among the bush and shrub. When you finally get out to one and stand on it for the first time you can’t believe just how soft the sand is, it’s like flour! The finest softest sand you’ll ever feel and in some cases 2km’s from the ocean!

I had been fascinated by these dunes for some time and wanted to combine them with my passion of shooting the Milky Way. I did my research and decided on a half moon rising one night to do the shoot.

We headed up for about 6pm, watched the sun set and started to look for compositions, I’d been searching for about 45 minutes with my good friend Abigail when I stumbled upon this formation in the sand, I had to second look it!! I couldn’t believe my luck, these natural lines all leading up to this one point!! Abby was wondering why I was screaming in excitement hahaha, I knew I’d never find another comp like this as these sands shift daily.

So after I’d calmed down I set up and shot my Milky Way images before the moon came along and then waited.

At this point it was pretty dark and then all of a sudden the moon just started to tickle the horizon, as it did the whole landscape just started coming to life, like an alien planet, shadows being cast everywhere with these beautiful lines cutting in and out of the dunes.

It was stunning!! If you ever get a chance to watch a moon rise over these sand dunes, do it!!! We were in awe, it was so beautiful and so alien like with these white sand dunes that I almost forgot hey wait my camera is setup start shooting!!!! hahaha,

So I started firing off my shots, I was very low down in the sand so I was doing series of focus stacked images, the whole time looking at these shadows on the ripples and thinking wow ok this is pretty special.

I spent the next hour or so walking the dunes and just soaking it all in, it was magic and when I got back home to process this I wanted that magic in the shot.

The other reason I enjoy this image is because of the style of Milky Way processing (I hear the purists yelling abuse) hahaha, yes it’s no where near what it looks like normally but check out the rest of my gallery, I don’t process to please others I process to where ever my weird warped brain takes me 🙂 It took me years to develop this technique and can take upwards of 3 hours slowly pushing and pulling colour and detail in and out but I thought it just suited the magical feeling I had when shooting this scene 🙂

So there you go, If you managed to read through my dribble this is why I like this image so much and thanks for viewing it 🙂


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Colors of Nature by Natureimages

I hope you will enjoy it.

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Dark Wasteland by erax7

32 image panorama at the Pinnacles in Western Australia. Last of 3 panoramas that I did on this night with the setting crescent moon creating a back lit situation and causing long shadows from the spires of the Pinnacles in the foreground.

The zodiacal light reaches up into the sky. This particular time was harder to post process than the other 2 images because of the light was still changing marginally after sunset.

I didn’t post process this one till last because there were stitching issues which I managed to deal with using PTgui pro and using control points to make sure that it all connected properly.

I might have a few more night photography opportunities this year – not sure due to the later sunsets and the earlier setting of the milky way combined with the less than ideal moon cycles.

I’ve been experimenting with a few more things recently (not yet posted anywhere) and some failures are leading to some problem solving to overcome it – I’m fairly sure that I can given time and experimenting.


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