Wharariki Drift at Nelson, New Zealand by PatrickMarsonOng

A huge playground for photographers. Take your pick from waves, tide-pools, reflections or sand dunes. There’s even a cave not far from here where you can perfectly frame the sea stacks.

I opted for that classic wave shot, hope you like it! Cheers guys!

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Watchmen by tpoulton001

Okay I’ve had a few beers and I’m probably going to regret this but as it’s my birthday weekend and a bunch of my good photography friends are joining me and I’m desperate for another number 1 on 500px 😉 I’m going to pose naked at Mt Cook next month if this image gets to number one in the next 24 hours.

Please note: I cannot promise it will be pretty!

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Wharariki Rush by PatrickMarsonOng

Our sixteen-day photo tour around south island of New Zealand comes to a close. Definitely one for the books. Cheers to our new found friends and a very warm welcome to our extraordinary family lol! High five in conquering 4,500 kilometer of winter journey through snowy mountains, amazing treks, gigantic sea stacks, freaky waves, turquoise lakes, star-filled nights and glorious lights!

Thanks so much for making our trip possible. I’ll miss the laughters, birthday celebrations, whiskey-induced topic nights and our camaraderie. Till our next adventure, hats off to you guys and see ya’ll very soon!

My take on our second location, a supposed to be gloomy sunset turned into a magical one. Wharariki beach (or should i say the version of the green van Warakiki beach?!? Lol!’).

Oh and to the people who stooped down in sh*t level and played dirty tricks to f*ck our trip up, sorry to say but it made it even more epic. Your country, New Zealand will always be LOVE. Feel free to join in our next tour so that you’ll experience the “amazeness” of NZ through our eyes. 😉

Vacation over , work mode ON. Wait for our images!! Cheers!

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