Green Dream by JohanEickmeyer

Notice of alteration. The little road behind the tree has been removed in one section. I felt it always detracted from the artful composition of an otherwise great scene. It’s not something I would usually do, but if done, I will disclose the changes.

Let me know what you think! I am still not quite sure if this image has been framed the best way or not, so I would appreciate feedback if possible.

Thanks for looking!

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Erdfunkstelle Raisting by thalerst

A parabolic satellite communication antenna at the biggest facility for satellite communication in Raisting, Bavaria, Germany. This type of parabolic antenna is called a Cassegrain antenna. The radio waves emerge from the hole in the center of the dish and are focussed on a convex subreflector suspended on the supports in front of the dish. The waves are reflected back toward the main dish, which reflects them forward to form the outgoing beam aimed at the satellite.


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