DILEMMA by DianiRalph

I titled this photo DILEMMA due to the conflict between the awesome beauty of these magnificent creatures, and the fact that misguided superstitions are wiping them out!!
How is it that we humans are able to love something to death???
This photo was taken on a dark evening in the Nakuru National Park in Kenya. Many of you will recognise this as a part of a series and need not read further.
We had waited for a long time with this group (13 in total) when the sun suddenly burst out from a very dark and heavy sky for about 2 minutes during which I think that I took at least 50 shots 🙂
Tragically this group were soon thereafter decimated by being poached, and then many were relocated to other areas in Kenya for their safety.
Of the several times that I have been back to try and get more shots, we have only ever seen one or two hiding in the bushes 😦

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World Rhino Day – Hope by chrishpetersen

In order to protect her baby, this mother white rhino has retreated into the deepest thorn bush. I called the baby: “Hope”. I’m now hoping it will be there when I return this October.

September 22, 2015 is World Rhino Day. Yes, there is another worldwide day dedicated to drawing attention to the plight of this species. If we don’t stop the poachers who slaughter them just for horns to sell on the black market in Asia … there will be no hope.

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11 Rhino Panorama !! by DianiRalph

I managed to get this stunning sequence of rhino shots in Nakuru National Park, Kenya on a very dark and rainy day. We had been with this group for over an hour just watching them as they slowly moved about in the rain, grazing and interacting, when for a few short minutes the sun burst through onto the group letting me get a few shots in. Sadly many of this group are now either poached or relocated 😦

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