Winds of Change by ArturStanisz

It was one of those early evenings near Fitz Roy when one could expected either dramatic sky movements and developing spectrum of strong sky colours or an absolute photographic disaster, with fully overcast skies and zero chances for a decent light. Frankly, I found this composition during my 2014 Patagonia Photo Adventure, but then I postponed its realization because I ran out of time when I got too involved in photo possibilities offered in other areas. Back in 2014 I envisioned how this place would look like with proper light and clouds movement. I framed this composition in my mind and went back to Canada. But in 2015, I returned to this spot and finally took this photo.
The wind was biblical that evening. It was hard to keep a hat on, not mentioning the possibility of having a still object like tree or a bush for the composition in the foreground. I love strong wind because it tends to bring a change resulting in spectacular light effects. My excitement was growing and I knew I had to hold on around this spot.
I took many photos over there and many of them turned astray because of this strong wind that kept making my foreground objects blurry. I kept running like crazy trying to find a still foreground that would allow me to make a well balanced photo and frame this extraordinary sky that I saw.
I found many dead trees and roots near the top of the ridge and I decided to include them in my composition. To me they show a quintessential prove of this how wind shapes Patagonia’s landscape. They are the roots of strength, persistence and uniqueness. And this is Patagonia I love.

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