Early Farm Mornings by kparry

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Wonder of Being by MAPhoto

Of all the Himalayan images I made, this one shows the scale of the mountains best. Even though these are somewhat smaller peaks, at around 6000m in height, they towered over our camp from across a deep valley and I used a 60mm lens to fill the frame with them. I photographed them as the daily convective clouds started to build in the afternoon light, adding the depth needed. I decided on a custom-toned image here and while it may appear to be B&W there are actually various colors painted into highlight and shadow, increasing the feeling of light entering the scene.

The lone figure is one of the great people I’ve ever had the privilege to meet in life, Steve Zigler. When I had a chance to visit a remote region of the Tibetan Himalaya with him, he was constantly enthralled with the magnitude and splendor of the peaks around us. It was for this reason I choose to use him to fulfill an idea that I had, reaching arms outstretched to the glory of the mountains above our camp, in constant wonder of being there.

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The Valley by eyeofalens

The Valley

Another from Yosemite, after I returned a week later this time managing to come back via the Tioga Pass..previously closed due to snow.

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Tropical Wonderland by StefanHefele

“Tropical Wonderland” – Caribbean – Guadeloupe

Today I have a little break for you from all the autumnal stuff. Don´t think that I do not like autumn anymore – I adore it, but a bit of variety in my portfolio can´t hurt. This photo is from my last tropical trip to wonderful Guadeloupe. I can still smell the moist air and a gentle salty sea breeze when I think back to this morning on that tropical beach.

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Desert Watcher by eyeofalens

Desert Watcher

My one & only desert selfie from a Death Valley Sunrise.Look forward to sharing some desert moody action from the following day at another time.

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Sunrise on Assiniboine by manuel_secher

I took this shot just before heading back to the parking lot going through wonder Pass. The 30 km return were absolutely gorgeous but long and difficult.

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