World Elephant Day by MarselvanOosten

Today is #worldelephantday, the perfect moment to announce that I am one of the photographers that will contribute to the ‘Remembering Elephants’ charity book. Books from this project will go on pre-sale in a couple of weeks via Kickstarter. If you’re an elephant lover, look out for updates under the #rememberingelephants hashtag on Facebook and Twitter.

The line up of photographers include Frans Lanting, Art Wolfe, Greg du Toit, Michael Poliza, Daryl Balfour, Will Burrard-Lucas, and many others.


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World Elephant Day 2015 – “The Future” by chrishpetersen

This young elephant is searching for “mom” and the rest of the herd.

He is literally a “poster child” for World Elephant Day on August 12th. It is dedicated to “The Future” preservation of this great species.

“Because without elephants, what kind of world would this be?”

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