Phantasma by Carla_DLM

“Phantasm ” by © 2015 ELREM – Carla DLM

Cities you love become ghost inside you, and like this you keep them alive…

This image is a composition of 2 images. It belongs to a new series between Paris/New York – New York/Paris in collaboration with my friend and splendid photographer Loïc Remy –

The Granite Tower located in La Defense, and the Freedom Tower located in WTC, stand out in the middle.

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200 West Street by czechyorker

“200 West Street.”
This is where Goldman Sachs is directing your lives from. Viewed from the One World Observatory.

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Red Rain in Sin City by wilcowesterduin

This image is achieved without Photoshop! The selective red is done with the Sony A-58 in-cam feature, editing is done only with standard iPhoto on my MacBook. Please see in black, press H and M.

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