Devils Beam by eetschman

Well lucky me the commercial marketing team from Red Bull cleaned out the lake so i did not needed to fake the reflection of the bridge (so many leaves beafore) so i got the perfect autum shot .. ok some more leaves 4 day before would have been nice .. but hey the lake was clean .. little light from the back and the side . .me runun around was again nessesary thanx to my massive LED Lenser it was easy to lite up the scene

love it .. like it ­čśë

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White Pocket at Night by eetschman

my last travel to the US brought me also to white pocket .. i think i posted one before .. here is another one from that same night .. i used a LED Lenser X21R to light the scene .. there was nobody else there that night so we did not disturb anybody elses photos that night

the glow from the right side is actually the moon just 20min before setting on the horizon … what a scenery ..

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Blue Hour White Pocket by eetschman

latest photo trip took me to white pocket .. at first we got stuck in the sand but made it to the sunset at white pocket .. even more impressive was the blue hour .. see this

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Sunrise Wave by eetschman

I wanted to get it with the Milkyway but came about 30min to late .. but then we got some beautiful sunrise mood – the sun rising from the right side .. look at this .. i hope you also think “it rocks”

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Castello Di Butrio at Night by eetschman

I had a little trip to Italy .. and stayed there 3 nights for a wedding of a friend .. really nice place .. and always time for a little lightpainting.

i hope you like it!

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