75 years of trolleybus system of Biel (VI) by Wilhelmwalter

On Saturday, October 24 celebrated in the central square, the Verkehrsbetriebe Biel the 75th anniversary of the trolleybuses. The first bus line was opened in 1926. From 19 October 1940, the first trolley bus (number 22) began to replace the tram and driving the line station – Biel-Mett with the official name “Biel Transport institutions”. After a community vote in 1946, it was decided to let go only buses in the city. In 1954 renaming into “Verkehrsbetriebe Biel”. 1970 the ticket machine was introduced for the purpose of self-service in the buses. In 1998 the first night connection to Bern becomes reality with the “Knight Rider”. 2002 bus stops signs have been modernized and show real-time information. The VB, since 2001 an independent company, merged in 2014 with the FUNIC AG.

Am Samstag, 24. Oktober feierten am Zentralplatz die Verkehrsbetriebe Biel das 75 Jahre Jubiläum der Trolleybusse, die erste Autobuslinie eröffnete 1926. Ab 19. Oktober 1940 begann der erste Trolleybus (Nummer 22) das Tram zu ersetzen und befuhr die Linie Bahnhof – Biel-Mett mit dem offiziellen Namen „Bieler Transportanstalten“. Nach einer Gemeindeabstimmung von 1946 beschloss man nur noch Busse in Biel fahren zu lassen. 1954 Unbenennung des Namens zu Verkehrsbetriebe Biel. 1970 wurde der Billetautomat zum Zweck der Selbstbedienung in den Bussen eingeführt. 1998 erfolgte die erste Nachtverbindung nach Bern mit dem „Night Rider“. 2002 wurden die Haltestellentafeln modernisiert und zeigen nun Echtzeitinformationen. Die VB, seit 2001 ein selbständiges Unternehmen, fusionierte 2014 mit der FUNIC AG.

(Quelle: Verkehrsbetriebe Biel 2003 / Bieler Strassenbahnen von Albert Ziegler und Claude Jeanmaire)

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Castelgrande of Bellinzona by Wilhelmwalter

Bellinzona is the capital of the canton Ticino in Switzerland. The city is famous for its three castles (Castelgrande, Montebello, Sasso Corbaro) that have been UNESCO World Heritage Sites since 2000. “Castelgrande” has been known as “the stronghold” (before the 13th century), “the Old Castle” in the 14–15th centuries, “Un Castle” after 1506 and “Saint Michael’s Castle” from 1818. The castle can be reached by taking an elevator from the foot of the rock to the castle grounds or by climbing steep, narrow streets from the city center through the city wall onto the castle grounds (Wikipedia).

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Barry the St Bernard by Wilhelmwalter

Barry the St. Bernard is known all over the world for having saved the lives of 40 people in the Swiss Alps. Barry was born in 1800 at the hospice on the summit of the Great St. Bernard Pass. Then as now at almost 2500 meters altitude, cold, fog and snow posed a danger the whole year round. Accompanied by their dogs, clerics and lay brothers from the hospice would go out every day looking for lost and weary travellers. Barry was to become their most tireless assistant, a loyal companion said to have saved over 40 people from an icy death. (Natural History Museum of Bern)

Barry der Bernhardinerhund ist berühmt, weil er 40 Menschen in den Schweizer Alpen das Leben gerettet hat. Er kam im Jahr 1800 im Hospiz auf der Passhöhe des Grossen St. Bernhard zur Welt. Damals wie heute drohten in fast 2500 Metern Höhe zu jeder Jahreszeit Kälte, Nebel und Schnee. Deshalb suchten die Klosterleute in Begleitung ihrer Hunde täglich nach verirrten und erschöpften Reisenden. Barry wurde ihr unermüdlichter Helfer – der treue Begleiter soll über 40 Menschen vor einem eisigen Tod bewahrt haben. (Naturhistorisches Museum Bern)

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Star Trek – Deadly Clouds by Wilhelmwalter

Star Trek – Deadly Clouds

Wilhelm’s log, stardate 201508. 6: This is a homage to the great Leonard Nimoy who passed away on February 27, 2015. The actor and singer (The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins) was best known for the role as Mr. Spock of the classic “Star Trek” series. One great episodes was “Obsession”. A cloud creature that absorbing red corpuscles and was unhappy with Spock’s green Vulcan blood. So on this “remake” you can also see that the creature that now absorbing the colours of the city will not come to close anymore to the Vulcan ears of Mr. Spock 🙂

Behind the scene: The location is the 51 meter high tower of the Urania public observatory in Zürich. The ears of Spock were created for the festival “Aufsehen” by artist Annemarie Bucher and Stephan Dübi. One ear has a size of 13 meters and a weight of 100 kilo.

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PodRing 2015 with Wallis Bird by Wilhelmwalter

Pod’Ring Biel: Wallis Bird in concert of 11th July 2015. / Pod’Ring Biel: Wallis Bird Konzert vom 11. Juli 2015.

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The first time Wallis Bird came into touch with music, she was six months old and received her first guitar from her father. Born left-handed, she lost five fingers of her left hand in a lawnmower accident, and having four sewn back on again. She became used to playing a right-handed guitar upside-down, which contributes to her unconventional style of playing (Wikipedia).

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