i’m gonna miss you by ZacharyV

i am so lucky to have you guys in my life.

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some color pencils by ZacharyV

we bought D a box of color pencils today.
She opened it and put those pencils on the floor after she used.

i put the table lamp close to them and took my camera out from the dry box.

i Clicked!

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book fairy by ZacharyV

i used to spend my free times, sitting at corner and reading some books.
now i don’t anymore, because life is too busy.

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lonely tree and lonely zebra by ZacharyV

if you used to stay in the wild, you won’t feel lonely.
but i don’t .

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other-transporter by ZacharyV

some related photos,
(other- path) :

(other-spaceship) :

(metallic-butterfly) :

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hide and seek / the autumn by ZacharyV

Autumn is coming !!!
Who is looking forward to this beautiful season?

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Destiny / she is officially 8 y.o : D by ZacharyV

Happy Birthday to You
Happy Birthday to You
Happy Birthday to Destiny
Happy Birthday to You

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metallic-butterfly by ZacharyV

i say, it is a butterfly .

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