Frustration by AlexGaflig

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At first, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Cludes Tomato!!!!!!! who hiked with me to this spot.
We started at the “Auronzohütte” and hiked to the “Dreizinnenhütte” where we wanted to spend the night. When we arrived there, we mentioned a looot of people becuase there was some marathon going on. Once we arrived at the “Dreizinnenhütte” there was – of course – no place left to sleep so we were super pissed and frustrated. I was even so pissed i wanted to walk back immediately, just put out the cam for some “i-was-here” pictures.
The weather was not so cool, the sunset was boring, behind clouds and so on.
So this is the outcome of my pure frustration. A bit better then i expected but not close to what i wanted to get.
On the same day we’ve been at the Seceda Spot in the morning, so all in all it was a good day 😀
Anyway, it seems like our Photo-Trips are getting successful, my picture from our Croatia trip was featured in the October Issue of the Magazine “Digital Photo UK”.
Plitvice National Park

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Millions stars Hotel by MetallucaPelizzaro

After a snowy day, the night looks magic!!

Shot taken during a workshop from

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