Zion’s Fire by JaredWarren

Just Zion National Park showing off its classic beauty at sunset. This view is actually from the backside of the last image I posted, off of Kolob terrace road. Not many park visitors take that road, but they should. 😉 The reds were so strong in this image I had to bring them down a bit in processing. Love this place!

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There are just so many moods to Zion Narrows. Hiking through freezing river for 9 miles was no joke. To shoot this place, you need a great composition, lighting, weather and a lot of luck.

I choose the angle looking straight down the narrow path. There is so much shape and character around here. It all came together to create a special moment. I only had seconds to capture the scene of perfection before the glowing light changed. It was intense. Early morning light gave this image and the mood I was chasing. It was a magical moment.

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Angel Falls by josephrossbach

Angel Falls, Zion National Park, Utah

This is Arch Angel Falls in Zion National Park. Located just before the famous Subway, these falls are famous in and of themselves. On this morning in early November, I started the long hike to the Subway down the canyon 2 hours before sunrise to be at these falls by myself for a while before others arrived. I was lucky that morning and had almost an entire hour of shooting in peak light with only one other soul. What a treat!

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Virgin Dawn by JaredWarren

The first light of a new day illuminates the towers of the Virgin; one of the iconic views at Zion National Park. Brings to mind the words of the incomparable Jack Handey: “With every new sunrise, there is a new chance. But with every sunset, you blew it.”

Make it a good week, friends. 🙂

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Canyon Paradise by Pcoskun

A photo of the popular archangel falls in Zion National Park. Despite it’s popularity, it is quite a trek to get down here. It’s one of the few places I have been where the effort was well worth it. I was finally able to make a photograph of these cascades on my latest trip to the park, and with autumn colors still hanging on the trees.

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Narrow it Down by DaniloFaria

Warm light shines on the “The Narrows” walls at Zion near the location known as “Wall Street”. It’s definitely a very beautiful site to see, early morning light glows in the massive canyon walls while the crystal and cold waters of the Virgin River continues the eternal erosion process. Thank you all for your support, I appreciate it very much!

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