The Green in Greenland by PaulZizkaPhoto

Well, our first night ever shooting in Greenland was one that will stay with us forever. This is what I imagined when I thought of Greenland. Aurora, wilderness camping, massive icebergs (that one behind the tent is about 350 metres high).

Dream come true.

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“Chasing Ghosts” by PaulZizkaPhoto

I had always wanted to witness a blizzard from Abbot Hut, astride the Divide. I certainly got what I wanted. Halfway through the storm, the whiteout cleared for about half an hour to reveal this incredible scene. Clouds were swirling all around and gave the mountains a ghostly feel.
I took a ridiculously large number of photos over those few minutes, including this self-portrait on the spires surrounding Abbot Pass.

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Frozen Kingdom by PaulZizkaPhoto

This is one of my favourite images from Mount Robson. As we weaved our way through the seracs that flank the Helmet, we finally rounded the corner to gain the ridge, just in time to see the sun illuminate the frozen land beyond.

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