Happy New Year!!

I’ve been thinking what kind of image is the best for the start of the new year.I have some unpublished black and white fine art works, but I chose a color pic, maybe too colorful?
The zooming light effect was not by photoshop, just zoomed the lens while shooting. If you want to see other futuristic images from here,Tokyo International Forum, visit my blog
.I’ll bet you can see the inside of the spaceship. Have a great2016 and of course, awesome photography!

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MSU Fashion Story Look 1 Pic 1 by AndreyZhukov

MSU Fashion Story
Look 1
Pic 1

MUA Luci Koshkina
Для ФотоКлуба МГУ 🙂

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LightCreation Sublime by rusphotostudio

Welcome Back Beautiful Light Chase Reflect en everysingle detail of my favorite Beachj Always something to delet you sence really appreciate 😉

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Best on Black, Now lets go to the main topic; The cloud looks weird. To me, it kinda looks like a ghost.
Likely because we are zoomed in and our viewpoint and limits the sky. Similarly, our understanding of ghosts is limited to our narrow field of view (to our dimension). Perhaps, ghosts are just clouds of higher dimensions. Or maybe, we just change density and become clouds … 😉

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